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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

An Abacus is an ancient Chinese instrument used for performing complex mathematical  calculations quickly and accurately. 

A plus+ is an educational programme which has been training children, for the last 15 years, in performing such  calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions even faster than a calculator.

- The programme covers children in the age group 6 to 14 years as the cognitive skills required to imagine an Abacus usually stops around the age of 14. At the end of the ten terms of (please input how many weeks each term is for) ten terms, a student will be able to perform complex mathematical operations as accurately as and even faster than a calculator. Each term is adapted to suit a child's speed in learning the concepts and an assessment done to see if he or she is ready to move the next term. 

How does it work? 

In the beginning the children are trained to use a physical Abacus. Once they are adept at using the instrument, the Abacus is taken away and the children are required to imagine an Abacus. Using this imaginary Abacus the children practice calculations and, over time, once the children have mastered the concepts, it appears as if they are performing mental Arithmetics.

What are the other benefits of A plus +?

1). It helps the children to get over a dislike for maths, which is quite common. They get trained to deal with complex mathematical problems with the same ease as if performing simple addition and subtraction. 

2).It helps the students in developing their memory, retention, and listening skills. 

3).It develops a logical ,analytical and creative way of carrying out any task.

4).It gives a rigorous workout to the brain making it more sharp and agile. 

5).It is not just calculations! A plus+ includes in the curriculum, General Knowledge, Public Speaking, Presentations and overall Personality Development 

6).The program aims at stimulating both the right and left side of the child’s brain.

Do all children benefit from this course ?

My experience in this field over the last 15 years has shown a significant improvement in the development of a child’s personality, making him or her more confident and better equipped to face the challenges in life. 

What is the secret behind the success of A plus+ ?

The approach followed by A plus+ is :

1).Building a close relationship between the course instructor and the child. This makes the child more open to assimilating the contents of the programme which itself is taught by highly trained and experienced instructors. 

2). A close involvement of the parents who are required to ensure that children complete their home assignments regularly

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